Love the ebike rental you just rode?? Totally hooked on the ride or glide vibes you enjoyed while renting from Ebikes2you??? Well as an authorized dealer of Prodecotech brand electric bikes, Ebikes2you offers you a wide selection of different rides on this site. Give us a call or shoot us an email and I can help you walk through the various choices before you buy. We are constantly updating our fleet to bring you the most innovative rides out there, so visit our website often.

Eight styles and over 20 models of Throttle-based, Pedalec and S-Pedalec electric bicycles—suiting the needs of every type of biking enthusiast! With a wide selection of styles, along with a range of prices to suit anyone’s budget, there’s a ProdecoTech electric bicycle for everyone!

Unlike other manufacturers that export lower quality ebikes from Asia, or higher priced ebikes from Europe, ProdecoTech electric bicycles are assembled in the United States (in our 60,000 square ft. facility, in Fort Lauderdale, Florida) using quality components from partners such as SRAM®, Suntour®, Velo® and Continental®.


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