Welcome to fun fun fun! These are the bikes that are available to rent at Ebikes2you (Some models subject to change depending on availability):

The Mariner 8
  • This bike is great for smaller riders and for those desiring ultimate portability. It will also easily accommodate taller riders as well. This pocket rocket will fold and fit in most any standard trunk making it a great co-pilot for local trips. It is also ideal for people wanting an easy and fun way of getting around while enjoying South Florida by boat or RV.
  • Meet the newest addition to the ProdecoTech Mariner family. The Mariner 8 offers riders an 8 speed drive train and a powerful 300 watt, free-spinning, front-mount motor, which delivers 500 watts at peak, that reaches speeds of up to 18 mph. The propulsion system is a ‘power-on-demand’ variable throttle which is simple to operate: just twist and go, or if you feel like getting some exercise, pedal like you would on a regular bicycle, the motor only powers on when you want it to. The SRAM X7 Twist 8-speed shifter offers quick and smooth transitioning between gears. The high-capacity, 36 volt 9 amp hour advanced lithium ion battery (LiFePO4) has the long distance range of 25-35 miles per charge. You will appreciate the stopping control of the Avid BB5 disc brakes (front and rear) and Avid 180mm HS1 heat-shedding rotors. The BB5 adjustment knobs make quick work out of setting the perfect distance between the pads and rotor. The KMC X8.93 chain is a strong, lightweight chain that is built to allow for smooth and fast shifting. The Mariner 8 smooth ride is supported by suspension in the seat post and the fork, and most of all, it is easy to ride. With its pure white gloss appearance and 20-inch rim frames of aircraft-grade aluminum, the impressive Mariner 8 is one of the most appealing, most compact folding e-bikes in its class.
The Genesis R
  • This bike is a great all around commuter for touring, running errands and seeing all of the local sites equipped with a small basket for carrying small items or bags.
  • The popular Genesis commuter e-bike has been reinvented in the all-new version 5 design for 2015. The biggest innovation in this new version is that the battery is now mounted in the downtube of the frame.This new design allows for a better balanced bike and increased protection of the battery from the elements. The battery is equipped with Samsung cells that add up to 14.25Ah of energy. This higher capacity battery is necessary for the more powerful 600w motor. The braking system has also been upgraded to SRAM DB1 Hydraulic Disc Brakes and the RockShox XC28 provides more robust suspension. The Genesis has evolved into a comfortable commuter with better performance and power.
Rebel X
  • This bike is simply the baddest bike on the beach! Guaranteed to get double and triple looks from everyone you come into contact with, this bike is a smooth ride on the pavement and everywhere else including the beach. Just be careful not to run anyone over!!
  • The Rebel X by ProdecoTech is easily one of the most anticipated ebikes waiting to hit the market. The eBike incorporates a fat tire frame with new battery system which is built into the downtube of the frame. This new system offers increased water resistance which is perfect for the off-road environment. The Rebel X uses a powerful ProdecoTech Direct Drive 600w Motor. This bike has amazing braking performance with it’s SRAM Guide 4 Piston Hydraulic Disc Brakes.
Element Surface 604
  • This bike is another one of the baddest bikes on the beach. It is a lot of fun on the road and off the road and gets it fair share of nods and looks as well. With its 3 levels of pedal assist or throttle only mode, it caters to a wide audience looking for fun and adventure!